Aims and Objectives




(a)To build Better World.
(b)To promote   and   advance  the   science,  practice   and business of engineering in all its branches throughout Bangladesh and abroad.    

(c) To promote efficiency in the engineering practices and profession.    

(d) To  regulate the  professional  activities  and  assist in maintaining high standards in the general conduct of its members.    

(e) To lay down professional Code of Ethics and to make it mandatory for its members to abide by the same in their professional conduct.    

(f) To help in the acquisition and interchange of technical knowledge among its members.    

(g) To promote the professional interests and social welfare of its members.    

(h) To   encourage   original   research   in   engineering   and conservation  & economic utilization of the countrys materials and resources.    

(i) To foster co-ordination with similar institutions in other countries and engineering universities, institutions and colleges in Bangladesh and in other countries, for mutual benefits in furthering the objects of The Institution.

(j) To diffuse among its members information on all matters affecting engineering and to encourage, assist and extend knowledge   and   information    connected  therewith   by establishment and promotion of lectures, discussions or correspondence   ;   by      holding   of  conferences,   by publication    of    papers,    periodicals    and    journals, proceedings, reports, books, circulars and maps or other literary undertaking ; by encouraging research works or by the formation of library or libraries and collection of models, designs, drawings and other articles of interest in connection with engineering or otherwise whatsoever.   

(k) To promote the study of engineering with a view to disseminat.