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Published Date Type Title Details
17.07.2019 Notice  Notice_Exam_October 2019 Details
11.07.2019 Notice  Notice Details
11.07.2019 Result  RESULT_April_2019 Details
03/05/2019 Exam Change Notice Because of Fani 4th May, 2019 AMIE Examination will be postponed. New date 22 May, 2019 Details
13.04.2019 Exam Change Notice Exam_Change_Notice_13042019 Details
16.03.2019 Program Program_17042019 Details
05.02.2019 Rescrutini-Notice Rescrutini-Notice_October-2018 Details
02.02.2019 Continuition_Result Continuition_Result_October_2018 Details
20.01.2019 Notice  Exam-April_2019 Details
20.01.2019 Notice  About AMIE Registration  Details
16.01.2019 RESULT RESULT_October_2018 Details
22.09.2018 Program Program_22102018.pdf Details
29.08.2018 Admission Date  Admission Date of AMIE August 2018 has been Extended to 10.09.2008. Details
18.08.2018 Continuition_Result Continuition_Result_April_2018 Details
08.08.2018 Rescrutini_Notice Rescrutini_Notice_April-2018 Details
21.07.2018 Notice   Exam_OCTOBER_2018 Details
21.07.2018 Notice About Computer Training course Details
21.07.2018 Notice About AMIE Registration Details
   18..7.2018 RESULT RESULT_April_2018 Details
20.03.2018 Program Program_21.04.2018 Details
20.03.2018 Result Continuition_Result_October_2017 (1) Details
19.02.2018 Result_Octobe_2017 Continuition_Result_October_2017 Details
13.02.2018 AMIE Office Order  AMIE Office Order Details
10.02.2018 Rescrutini-Notice Rescrutini-Notice_Oct_2017 Details
23.01.2018 Notice Exam-April_2018 Details
20.01.2018 RESULT  October_2017 Details
23.09.2017 Program Program_October_2017 pdf Details
08.08.2017  Notice About Computer Training course Details
08.08.2017 Continuition Notice Continuition Notice Details
08.08.2017 Continuition Result  Continuition_Result_April_2017 Details
22-07-2017 Notice Notice-Exam-October_2017 Details
18-07-2017 RESULT  RESULT _APRIL_2017 Details
20-03-2017 Program Program_APRIL_2017 Details
28-02-2017 Continuition_Result Continuition_Result_October_2016 Details
18-02-2017 Re Scrutiny Re scrutiny Result Oct 2016 Details
29-01-2017 Notice Notice-Exam-April_2017 Details
23-01-2017 Notice Notice Details
23-01-2017 Rules AMIE Examination Rules Details
04-08-2018 Rules AMIE Admission Rules Details
20-01-2017 RESULT  RESULT_October_2016 Details
16-01-2017 EXAM FORM B AMIE EXAM FORM B Section (Please print on both sides of the paper) Details
16-01-2017 EXAM FORM A AMIE EXAM FORM A Section  (Please print on both sides of the paper) Details
16-01-2017 Form Identity Card  Details
16-01-2017 AMIE Pay Slip AMIE Pay Slip Details
16-01-2017 Admission Form Amie Admission Form Details
16-10-2016 Notice Revised _Program_261016 Details
16-10-2016 Program  Revised Program October 2016 Details
15-10-2016 Notice Admit_Distribute_October_2016 Details
26-09-2016 Program  Program October 2016 Details
16-08-2016 Notice Re scrutiny Result April 2016 Details
16-08-2016 Notice  About AMIE Registration Details
28-07-2016 Notice  AMIE EXAMINATION, October, 2016 Details
25-07-2016 RESULT RESULT_April_2016 Details
23-07-2016 Notice  for collection Registration Number Details
11-04-2016 Notice  Notice _Admit_Distribute_April_16 Details
17-02-2016 RESULT Continuition_Result_October_2015 Details
16-02-2016 Notice Re scrutiny Result

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Details 2

28-01-2016 Notice Notice Details
25-01-2016 RESULT RESULT_October_2015 Details
05-01-2016 Notice IEB Convension-56-Letter Details
15-10-2015 Notice Notice _Admit Card_Distribution Details
20-09-2015 PROGRAMME Program October 2015 Details
04-08-2015 Notice Notice Details
30-07-2015 AMIE RESULT AMIE RESULT_April_2015 Details
03-03-2015 Notice  Continuition_Result_October_2014 Details
02-02-2015  Notice  Notice


30-01-2015 Result  Result of Oct'14 Exam Details
11-11-2014 Exam Schedule Change Details
03-11-2014 Exam Schedule Change  
01-11-2014 Exam Schedule Change Exam(03/11/2014) Schedule Change of "OCTOBER 2014 EXAMINATION" Details
23-09-2014 Exam Schedule PROGRAMME FOR OCTOBER 2014 EXAMINATION Details
04-08-2014 Notice Exam notice Details
04-08-2014 Notice Registration Time Limit Details
23-07-2014 Result Result of Exam held on April 2014 Details
03-05-2014 Student List AMIE Completed students List (celebrated on 54 & 55 Convension) Details
31-03-2014 Exam Schedule PROGRAMME FOR APRIL 2014 EXAMINATION Details
21-01-2014 Result Result of Exam held on October 2013 Details