Seminar on : An Overview on Flexible AC Transmission (FACTs)

Dhaka Centre, IEB is going to organize a Seminar on "An Overview on Flexible AC Transmission (FACTs) : Technical Challenges and Opportunities for Bangladesh Transmission Network Systems" on 11 June 2014, Wednesday at 5:00PM in IEB Seminar Room. 
Chief Guest: President of IEB Prof. Dr. Engr. M Shamim Z Bosunia, PEng. and 
Special Guest: Chairman of DESCO/DPDC and Vice-Presidents of IEB. 
Keynote Speaker : Prof. Dr. M Fayyaz Khan, EEE Dept., UIU, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Introduction to FACTs

FACTs is an acronym for Flexible AC Transmission. Most of the developed countries and some of the developing countries have adopted FACTs technology to transmit primarily more power thru an existing line and to improve power system performance. The idea of FACTs was first put forward by Prof. Hingorani of Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA. With the gradual development of semiconductor technology and introduction of solid state based high power switches, FACTs are being widely used to enhance power transfer capability and to enhance system reliability and stability.

In Bangladesh, a large number of primary transmission lines are over loaded and the lines can’t be loaded to its full thermal capacity. FACT technology can be applied to the lines to increase the power transmission capability significantly without replacing the old lines.

Following advantages can be derived by introducing FACTs in those lines.

i)                    Power transmission capability thru the line will increase

ii)                   Overall system stability and reliability will improve

iii)                 Reactive drop and reactive loss in the line can be reduced

iv)                 Overvoltage and under voltage in the line can be effectively controlled

Basics of FACTs will be highlighted to the audience and methodologies to be adopted for application of FACTs in Bangladesh will be focused.


Speaker: Md. Fayyaz Khan

                Prof. EEE department

United International University, Dhaka