Message from Honorary General Secretary


Honorary General Secretary
The Institution of Engineers

The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) is the most prestigious only national Professional Organization of qualified Engineers in  the country. IEB is also the professional organization that represents Engineer community abroad. It is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. IEB includes all disciplines of engineering. Currently, it has more than 60000 engineers with about 30% in the category of Fellows, 60% Members and the rest as Associate Members. In addition there are a good number of Student Members. Since its establishment on 7th May, 1948, IEB has been promoting and disseminating knowledge & practice of engineering. One of the major goals of IEB is to ensure professional excellence and continuous professional development of the engineers in the country. It has also been working relentlessly to establish close links and co-operation with the other professional bodies both in Bangladesh and outside the country. The Institutions mission has always been to serve the teeming millions through the practice of engineering science and continuously improve the professional standards of its members. The IEB as a national forum of engineers also addresses the common problems confronting the community. On different occasions, IEB came forward with its clear vision on the problems of development and formulated its recommendations on the Power, Coal, Gas  Energy, Regional Connectivity (Asian Highway), Tri-Nation (Myanmar-Bangladesh-India) Gas Pipeline, Construction of Deep Sea Port, Disaster Management, Climate change issue, Environment & Water Resources,  Urbanization, Public Administration Reform, Traffic Problem, National Pay Scale, Information and Communication Technology, Sustainability in food sufficiency, application of Engineering & Technology in Agricultural Production,  Renewable Energy, Problems of Dhaka Metropolis and Integrated Approach Towards Solution of Endemic problem faced by the public etc. to the Government. Besides, IEB is also playing a significant role for the professional development of its valued members. The Institution has opened up opportunities to those who aspire to become engineers but have neither the means nor the scope for such education in an Engineering University. For such aspirants the institution conducts Associate Membership Examination in two parts under a well-formulated syllabus. AMIE is recognized by the Public Service Commission, Public & Private Sector organizations on equivalence to a degree in Engineering. The IEB regularly conducts the examinations under the direct control of an Examination Committee. The AMIE certificate is awarded by the Honorable Prime Minister in annual IEB Convention. The Institution also induces a spirit of professionalism, social responsibility and a deep sense of patriotism. IEB provides many opportunities to grow professionally and intellectually as well-rounded human beings. In the process, technology awareness is developed, a new layer of knowledge is explored, practical life skills are honed and an ethical perspective is woven into an individual's fabric. Today, this institution remains a front-running organization and is making it's contribution felt in the region and beyond. 
IEB is a Member of International Bodies like  World Federation of Engineers Organizations (WFEO), Commonwealth Engineers Council (CEC), Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA), Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries (FEIIC), Federation of  Engineering Institutions of Asia Pacific (FEIAP) and Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC).  

The Institution has also Bilateral Agreement of Professional Co-operation with 23 foreign  Institutions /Associations.

To meet future challenges we need to build on the alliances and collaborative partnerships the IEB has established with apex business, government and research institutions. It is equally important we keep close to our wider communities of interest within Bangladesh and internationally. This will help ensure the ongoing relevance of our progress & the continued excellence of our development, learning and research. As Honorary General Secretary, I am confident our integrated effort towards achieving distinction in professionalism and inculcation of moral values in professionals from different sectors will continue to reign supreme in the future. 

Honorary General Secretary, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh