Occupational Safety board of Bangladesh

Occupational Safety board of Bangladesh

OSBB Profile

1. About The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)

The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh is a professional Institution, an apex body of Graduate and post Graduate Engineers qualified in Bangladesh or elsewhere under the glove.
  • Established in 1948 in Dhaka, the Capital of East Pakistan, the only Headquarters of the then Pakistan.
  • Aimed to develop the professional Excellency of the engineers to build better world.

IEB has Seven Engineering Divisions

  • 1. Civil Engineering
  • 2. Mechanical (Including NAME, Mining, Metallurgical)
  • 3. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • 4. Chemical Engineering
  • 5. Agriculture Engineering
  • 6. Textile Engineering
  • 7. Computer Engineering

IEB has the following four corporate bodies

  • 1.Bangladesh Professional Engineers Registration Board. (BPERB)
  • 2.Engineering Staff College of Bangladesh (ESCB)
  • 3.Board of Accreditation for Engineering & Technical Education (BAETE)
  • 4.Occupational Safety Board of Bangladesh (OSBB)

2. About Occupational Safety Board of Bangladesh (OSBB), IEB

Functional activities of OSBB, IEB
  • 1.Development of Training and Awareness
  • 2.Formulation of Safety Rules, Regulations and Policy
  • 3.Safety Audit Program & Implementation
  • 4.Safety in Industrial sectors
  • 5.Safety in Transportation sectors
  • 6.Safety in Civil construction sectors
  • 7.Safety in Telecommunication & Power distribution sectors
  • 8.Pollution Control & Environment Management
  • 9.Occupational Health Service Management
  • 10.Universities Linkage Programs for introducing syllabi on Safety, Health & Environment

Subjects in different levels of educations.

  • Safety in Jute & Textile Industries sectors
  • Safety in Tannery Industries sectors
  • Conducting R& D activities in Industries
  • Compiling Safety Codes & Manuals for individual industries

3. Background of National Safety & Health Policy

  • BCIC requested Ministry of Industry to form ?National Safety Council? in 1992.
  • Ministry of Industry formed a 15- member Industrial Safety Committee headed by a Joint Secretary, MOL.
  • draft ?Industrial Safety Policy? was formulated and submitted to the Secretary, Ministry of Industry in 1996.
  • Draft policy was revised in two inter Ministerial meeting held in 1998.
  • Ministry of Labor & Employment took over the responsibility for formulating and implementing the Actual Safety Policy as job Allocation of Ministries.
  • OSBB, IEB took the leading role in the progress of finalizing OSH Policy and become successful. Ultimately OSHP has been appreciated by the Hon`ble Prime Minister of Government of the People?s Republic of Bangladesh.

4. What we have done so far

  • Trained over 3000 Safety Professionals on Occupational Safety, Health & Environment Management Training jointly with Engineering Staff College, Bangladesh (ESCB).
  • Conducted Seminar on ?Clean Water Technology and Arsenic Mitigation by Prof. Dr. Md. Hussam of George Mason University, Verginia, USA and Dr. AHM Munir of Sonofilter jointly with Dhaka Center, IEB.
  • Conducted Seminar on ?Safety in Garments Industries? paper presented by Mr.Victor Biswas of GIZ & Mr. Sayed Sultan Uddin Ahmed of Bangladesh University of Labor Studies (BILS) jointly with Ashanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST).
  • Conducted in-plant Training at Sanmar Developing Company, Chittagong.
  • Conducted in- plant Training at ACI Formulation plant at Sreepur, Gazipur.
  • Holding Monthly meetings with 30 OSBB Members & 80 members of 15 different Implementation committees.

5. Follow up Activities

  • Ministry of Industry authorized Member- Secretary Engr. Taibur Rahman, PEng. to follow-up ISPB till NSCB is established.
  • OSBB, IEB wrote letters to all concerned Secretaries, Ministers & met Minister of MOL & E several times with the Honorable President of Bangladesh to discus about OSHE.
  • IEB representative like Prof. Dr. Engr. Iqbal Mahmud, Prof.Engr. M.A Hannan, Prof. Dr. Engr. Golam Mohiuddin. (Expired in 2006), Engr. A.K.M. Enayat Ullah. Dr.Md. Ruhul Quddus and Mr. Nurul Amin (Expired in 2007) attended the meetings. We are grateful to these reputed personalities.

6. Safety, Health and Environment problems are being addressed in different sectors of economy as mentioned below:

  • 1.Safety Awareness Training Program in Public & Private Industries.
  • 2.Drafting "Safety Policy", Rules& Regulations? for individual industries.
  • 3.Organizing ?Safety Audit? Programs in different industries as per their requirement for improving their Safety Situation.
  • 4.Organizing Seminars & Workshop on ?Occupational Safety, Health & Environment? issues
  • 5.Recommending syllabus for introducing Safety, Health & Environment protection in different levels of education.
  • 6.Organizing a Data base on "OSHE" in OSBB, IEB
  • 7.Organizing establishment of "OSBB" in all Centres (18 Nos) & Sub-Centres (31 Nos.) of IEB.
  • 8.Organizing Workshop on "OSH Policy" Jointly with MOLE, BILS & OSHE foundation etc.
  • 9.BGMEA
  • 10.BKMEA